Technical Center

Even the best ideas of laboratory will not yield results if they cannot be tested in addition under the conditions similar to real production! In our technical center we offer you an opportunity to test problematic bulk matirials – for their behaviour when conveying and if necessary for their ability to division.

Thanks to opportunities of feeding, weighing and conveying the results of laboratory can be tested, improved and integrated thus quicker into real process of production.

Our technical center offers the possibility to test your conveyed goods with our 2 conveyor systems - "BSSW" & "Beckschulte" - in detail. There are about 80m horizontal / vertical conveyor pipes including 8 elbow pipes available.

In our technical center your innovative idea through partner cooperation between you as our client and us can be brought to readiness for mass production.


We issue you the decision, which is worked out carefully, which performs precisely and offers for your business good reliability, protects your future development because it is reliable, effective, productive and excellent in productivity!

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