Cooling, Heating, Sifting

We build our heat-/cooling-sifter for batchwise and continuous modes of operation. In sifter bulk material is fluidized, i.e. from below is blown by air. There of bulk material gets characters, similar to liquid, which considerably increases the exchange of temperature in the surfaces of heating and/or cooling.

With this system the exact regulation of temperature is possible even by strong fluctuations of inlet temperature. At the same time during fluidization the undesirable small particles can be blown out from bulk material if necessary (sifting).

The used system guarantees an uniform fluidization without danger of closed ventilation grounds also by use of unfiltered air.

BSSW sifter distinguish themselves by a high degree of control system. Thereby devices work very energy efficient and reach high precision by the desired output parameters.

Sifter for the continuous mode of operation are manufactured under individual requirements of the customer.

  • Compact dimensions
  • High outpu rate
  • Low maintenance time & costs
  • Multi-chamber versions are possible
  • Heating, cooling & sifting in one component
  • Sifter to be filled direct pneumatically

In batchwise sifter we use the program of more than 100 different types - capacity from 0.5... 30 tons/hour - with which it is at the same time possible to cool, to heat and to separate up to 3 kinds of sand"

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