Pneumatic conveying systems

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Industry of building materials


Paintwork materials


„System BSSW“

We developed the continuously working conveying systems, which transport such dry and loose products as sands or dust materials for the special fields of application.

Our conveying systems of sands and dust materials are adapted especially according to special fields of their use and to wishes of our clients.
To provide it, our transporting tanks are kept constantly on the newest state of the technology.

Folgende Leistungsmerkmale zeichnen unser Fördersystem aus:

The following parameters of productivity distinguish our conveying system:

  • "Dune"-conveying method
  • Pressure vessels with a capacity from 49 to 500 liters
  • Capacity up to 12 tons/h (operation in mono-mode)
  • Suitable for bulk weight to 2tonn/m ³
  • Conveying distance up to 250 m
  • Installations can be operated both in the mono-mode and in the tandem mode
  • Compact sizes
  • Low wear of bulk product Product-careful conveying

Different sizes of conveyors allows an optimum adaptation to the respective conveying volume and place of action

System BSSW

„System Beckschulte“

Our now more than 30-year tested and consequently improved conveyor system excels above all through reliability and energy efficiency. We convey your products up to 2 km far, regardless of whether powder, granulates or other articles up to a grain size of 25 mm.

The following parameters of productivity distinguish our conveying system

  • "Full-stream"-conveying method
  • Pressure vessels from 500 l to 6.000 l
  • Capacity up to 100 t/h
  • Suitable for bulk weight up to 5 t/m ³
  • Humidity of material up to 5%
  • Conveying distance up to 2.000 m
  • Suitable for any bulk products
  • Operation in mono-mode and in tandem mode
  • Use of various systems of loosening up is possible Full residual emptying of the pressure vessel
System Beckschulte

Moderate energy consumption and minimal maintenance effort distinguish our Beckschulte “full flow conveyor” system. Easy to operate and flexible in its use. The continuous advancement of our full stream conveying method guarantees this also for the future.

From the application of the most modern filter technologies profit, finally, also environment and health - our systems give values much below limits of residual dust recorded in instructions.

The robustly constructed “full flow conveyor” has proven itself in day-to-day work in many companies. We handle your products carefully. Hardwearing and discharging pressure-dependent, all systems are customised to the individual requirements of our customers. The long running times of our plants attest to the reliability and operational safety of our pneumatic conveyor technology.

The use of different discharging and fluidisation systems as well as a tailor-made cable run make it possible for us to adapt conveyor plants to the spatial conditions at the re-spective location. At the same time, you derive benefit from experience of decades and Know How of each separate project.

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